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Dec.29,1989 - Friday is written in golen letters in the history of Vaniamkulam. With 14 students from 14 different 'Mahals' MMIC started its course of action on this historic day. Now it has been grown into a great institution with about 320 students. This institution is greate example for the amalgam of both spititual and scientific education. It gives wonderful opportunities to the poor and needy mass an acces to education and helps the common man with a scope for allround developments – religious, cultural and social.

The institution provides Madrasa education till X Std. under the Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidyabhyasa Board and offer that courses till the degree of ‘Raheemi’ in its Arabic college. Valiyyullahi Anthruppapa Memoral Hiflul Quran College Lower Primary to Plus 2 schooling, Graduation, Post Graduation, B.Ed., ITC, Entrance Coching, Spoken English Institutes are the other highlights of the complex.

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Jamia Raheemiya Arabic College
The institution has great success in many fields and activities.The institution has a curriculum which is apt to the religious and material...
(V) Anthrupappa Memorial Hiflul Quran College
The college provides opportunities to learn the Quran completely by heart. The institution has sent out 20 pundits with flying colours with...
The institution provides Madrasa education till x Std .under the samastha kerala Islam Matha Vidyabhyasa Board and offer...


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