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Few Words About MMIC

The institution provides Madrasa education till X Std. under the Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidyabhyasa Board and offer that courses till the degree of ‘Raheemi’ in its Arabic college. Valiyyullahi Anthruppapa Memoral Hiflul Quran College Lower Primary to Plus 2 schooling, Graduation, Post Graduation, B.Ed., ITC, Entrance Coching, Spoken English Institutes are the other highlights of the complex. The institution knows the importance of the computer courses in this world of IT and offer cources in this sector Ma'dunul - fusaha students Association (MFSA). Al Siquaya Editorial board and Valiyyullahi Madavoor CM Aboobacker Musliyar Memorial Library offer sphere for the development of art and literacy talent of its inmates.

Vaniamkulam is a remote villege in the Palakkad District of Kerala State. The area is still famous for its, ancient, huge cattle market. But tody it is one of the centers of Islamic Studies in the district, due to the arrival of Marhoom Karakkad Manu Musliyar. It was due to his selfless service and vision, the Muslim in the area entered the right path of islam. The town Juma Masjid still stands as a tribute to this great personality. This great man was not satisfied with just this place of worship but had excellent dreams about the vicinity. But he had his last breath on March 5,1982 (1402.J.A-8- Friday ) before completely fulfilling his fantastic dreams. At present he lies in peace under the great domes of juma Masjid , Karakkad.

Though ManuMusliyar couldn't complete his dreams of area, he left behind a number of sincere, hardworking, honest and dedicated followers. ManuMusliyar Islamic Complex situated at Panayoor, Vaniyamkulam is an excellent example for this.

December 29, 1989 is an unforgettable day in the history of Vaniyamkulam breaking all the barriors of religions, castes, etc. with 14 students from 14 different 'Mahals', Janab Panakkad Sayyid Muhammedali Shihab Thangal inaugurated the prestigious Manu Musliyar Islamic Complex. A number of Islamic pundits and great personalities witnessed this unforegettable moment. Poverty is one fore the major hurdles that stands against the ambition of Muslim masses to get material and religious education. But the M.M.I.C provides a huge help to the fulfillment of common man's desire to be educated in both the fields.

Ulamas are the leders of masses. They are custodians of values in the society. Knowledge in both religious and non religious affairs are essential for the victory of man in this world and the world and the world after man's death. MMIC stands to archive this goal since its simple beginning in the old house of Mr. Mammi Haji, its present manager in 1994 the institution was transferred to its new site which spreads around 5.5 acres of land, under the leadership of scholar and pious people.

It has already been mentioned that there were only 14 students, when the institution was founded in 1989. But now the student strength of this institution has risen to 320. The institution has a curriculum which is apt to the religious and material needs of the contemporary society. Under the Samastha kerala Islam Matha Vidhyabyasa Board, there is Madrasa till 10th Std. and after that Muthavvul Daras Studies Lower Promary to Post Graduation, B.Ed, ITC, Entrance Coaching, Spoken English Coaching Facilities are provided by the institution. Modern world is the world of information technology. Hence the institution gives sufficient scope for computer education through its computer training centre. M.F.S.A is an apt, area for the development of the creative faculties of the inmates. A magazine editorial board (Alsikhaya) and library board also function in the institution very actively.


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