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Our Inspiration

Manu Musliyar (N.M) was born in 1917. He took a place in the mind of the people as aligned of an age, he came with the light of knowledge to an ignorant society. He lived as an ordinary man by handling over unique love to the people. He spent his life for Islam and society. He passed away on March 5 Friday in 1982. We still belive that the invisible power at that glorious person will have with us in all the process of our institution.

Jamia Raheemiya Arabic College

23.11.2005 is a day written in golden ink in the history of institution. It was on this day, JAMIA RAHEEMIA ARABIC COLLEGE inaugurated by Janab Panakkad Sayyid Mohammali Shihab Thangal. Janab Shaikhuna C. Koyakutty Musliyar - President Samastha Kerala Jamiyathul Ulama, Palakkad District committee presided over the foundation and the first lesson lines from "Thuhafathul" Muhthaj was taught by Shaikhuna Cherussery Sainudheen Musliyar - Secretary Sammastha kerala Jamiyathul Uluma, Professor Shikhuna Alikkutty Musliyar - Chirman of Huj Committee C.K.M.Sadhik Musliyar, Shaikhuna V.Ummer Musliyar Kapp, Shaikhuna Kambamthodi Muhammed Musliyar, Shaikhuna M.P Kunjumuhammed Musliyar Nellaya, Janab M.T Ali Musliyar, K.P.C.Thangal Vallapuzha, Impichi Koya Thangal, T.P Muhammed Musliyar etc attended and spoke.

Valiyyullahi Anthrupappa Memorial Quran College

The college was inaugurated by Cherusseri Sainudeen Musliyar in 2007. The college provides opportunities to learn the Quran completely by heart. New mess hall of the institution was inaugurated by Shikhuna C.H Bapputy Musliyar Parappur in the same year. The institution has sent out 20 pundits with flying colours with the degree Raheemi.

Panakkad Sayed Hyder Ali Shihab Thangal is the President of this institution, Vice president: Kuruvambalam K.S Unnikoya Thangal, Manager: K Mammi Haji, Principal: M.P Kunju Muhammed Musliyar, Ustad: M.T Ali Musliyar work very for the development of the institution.

Though the institution has great success in many fields and activities, it is sad to say that, it hasn't got any permanent income sources other than the donation and Co-operation from the people irrespective of religions and castes.

The history of Vaniyakulam doesn't end here. It has miles to even now. The instution could reach here owing the prayers and blessing of Hibathulla Thangal, Valiyyullahi C.M Aboobaker Musliyar Madavoor, Valiyyullahi Anthuruppapa, Vadakara Mammed Haji, Kanniyath Ahammed Musliyar, Shamsul Ulama E.K Aboobacker Musliyar, Sayed Ummarali Shihab Thangal, N.K.Abdulappu Musliyar, M.K.Abdul Jabbar Faizy etc. The institution still moves on the their invisible blessing and favour and it goes on and on.

M.M Acadamy

M.M.I.C grants material education with religious education by understanding the bank wardens to muslims in material educational sector. It grants the education primary to post graduation and technical education also .It is running the private college named M.M. Academy .By under Standing the neediness to the material education it grants tuition to all students in the institution and regular class to the students those are studying in Plus One. Two and degree course this institution which stated in 2005-Grained a great progress in a short period the award ,which gives the district orphanage committee to the students who gained high marks in S.S.L.C and Plus Two is owned to this institution from stating besides these through this institution a lot of students can gain highs vectoring in Government Public examination .

M.M Computer Centre

Change is naturally in this era would is witnessing for biggest studdenrise of knowledge .the Discovery of technology caused for knowledge spreading. The technology controlling the world which have become a global village it is a tact today technology and modern medias have more crucial role in making the idea and ambitions of mankind.

The Spreading of information technology nook and corner of the society but today IT have become the centre of whole sale of an immortality and untruth.

The technology which spreading goodness in the society that is needs of modern era. So that we entered to that way the propagates to know about modern chances for propagation is essential. Now we are very happy there is a vast computer lab in the campus in the under efficient faculties .there is studying 100 students for face modern challenges.

We are stately in the hand of selfness great personality .way of action it is knowledge is owner ponies and his tool steps are and its line.


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